Mixed Integer Linear Programming Approach for Control Synthesis with Weighted Signal Temporal Logic

Published date: 
Tuesday, May 9, 2023

This work presents an optimization-based control synthesis approach for an extension of Signal Temporal Logic (STL) called weighted Signal Temporal Logic (wSTL). wSTL was proposed to accommodate user preferences for importance and priorities over concurrent and sequential tasks as well as satisfaction times denoted by weights over the logical and temporal operators, respectively. We propose a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) based approach for synthesis with wSTL specifications. These specifications have the same qualitative semantics as STL but differ in their quantitative semantics, which is recursively modulated with weights. Additionally, we extend the formal definition of wSTL to include the semantics for until and release temporal operators and present an efficient encoding for these operators in the MILP formulation. As opposed to the original implementation of wSTL, where the arithmetic-geometric mean robustness was used with gradient-based methods prone to local optima, our encoding allows the use of a weighted version of traditional robustness and efficient global MILP solvers. We demonstrate the operational performance of the proposed formulation using multiple case studies, showcasing the distinct functionalities over Boolean and temporal operators. Moreover, we elaborate on multiple case studies for synthesizing controllers for an agent navigating a non-convex environment under different constraints highlighting the difference in synthesized control plans for STL and wSTL. Finally, we compare the time and complexity performance of encodings for STL and wSTL.