When to Terminate: Path-non Existence Verification Improves Sampling-based Motion Planning

Published date: 
Monday, December 6, 2021

In this work, we combine a sampling based motion planner with path non-existence verification. We show that, using our approach, it is possible to: 1) provide termination criteria to sampling-based motion planners, based on the problem specific constraints; 2) generate a method for rejection sampling that can adapt to the scenario, for instance, leveraging the relative priority between constraints. Furthermore, we describe a language-guided sampling technique based on IRRT*, that utilizes the results from the path non-existence verification procedure to reduce runtime of the underlying motion planner. The approach is studied using route and motion planning for an autonomous vehicle that aims to service transportation tasks while constrained by rules of the road. We evaluate the proposed approach using a set of real-life inspired traffic scenarios. Finally, we show that the resulting runtime of a motion planner with path non-existence verification is significantly shortened when compared to the same motion planner with traditional termination criteria, such as a resource or time limit.