Minimum-violation scLTL motion planning for mobility-on-demand

Cristian Ioan Vasile, Jana Tumova, Sertac Karaman, Calin Belta, and Daniela Rus. Minimum violation scLTL motion planning for mobility-on-demand. In 2nd Symposium on the COntrol of NEtwork Systems (SCONES), page Poster, Boston, MA, USA, October 2017.

Published date: 
Monday, October 16, 2017

This work focuses on integrated routing and motion planning for an autonomous vehicle in a road network. We consider a problem in which customer demands need to be met within desired deadlines, and the rules of the road need to be satisfied. The vehicle might not, however, be able to satisfy these two goals at the same time. We propose a systematic way to compromise between delaying the satisfaction of the given demand and violating the road rules. We utilize scLTL formulas to specify desired behavior and develop a receding horizon approach including a periodically interacting routing algorithm and a RRT*-based motion planner. The proposed solution yields a provably minimum-violation trajectory. An illustrative case study is included.